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Bright Ideas for Car Park Efficiency: How LED Lighting Reduces Energy Consumption

If you’re running a business in the modern era, you’ll be familiar with the pressure to become more sustainable. Consumers are now rightly demanding that businesses put a serious focus on reducing their impact on the planet and there are fortunately many ways to do this.

One of the simplest, yet most effective, is to switch up the way you illuminate your premises. Your car park is likely one of the largest spaces and requires a good amount of light to ensure safety and security.

But old fashioned lighting solutions like incandescent lights, are ridiculously wasteful when it comes to energy consumption. If you’re looking to make your business more eco-friendly then LED lighting is a great starting point.

The Heat Is On…Or Is It?

The single biggest reason that LED lights are so much more energy efficient is that they don’t produce heat.

With traditional lighting, there is a filament within the bulb that has to be heated up and this requires a serious amount of electricity. Once this is heated, it begins to glow and that’s where the light comes from.

But LEDs work in a completely different way and require no heat to produce light. Instead, there’s a tiny microchip within the light and energy passes through this. As this happens the LEDs (light-emitting diodes) are illuminated. It’s pretty simple and creates far more consistent and bright light than the alternatives.

When incandescent bulbs create all that heat, it has to go somewhere and, since it’s not required by the light, it dissipates into the environment. Essentially, that heat energy is wasted but by using LED lights, there’s no need for it to be created in the first place.

Shockingly, a single incandescent bulb may waste as much as 90% of the energy it uses purely on creating unnecessary heat.

Maximising Your Savings: An Extra Benefit

Considering that LED car park lighting requires much less energy to operate, the obvious bonus to this is that you’re going to save money.

Every savvy business owner knows that, in order to make a profit, overheads need to be kept to a minimum. With an excessive energy bill, that’s a pretty difficult thing to achieve.

But with up to 90% less energy consumption, the installation of LED car park lighting (and LED lighting throughout your premises) is sure to save you a good amount of cash.

The Added Benefit Of Safety

Understanding that incandescent lights create a lot of heat tells us that they may be too hot to handle. This can be both dangerous and inconvenient, especially when it comes to lighting maintenance.

In the event that one of your incandescent car park lighting bulbs dies, there’s no way you can immediately address the problem; unless you want to sustain a pretty nasty burn to the hand

Other Eco-Friendly Benefits Of LED Car Park Lighting

Knowing that LED car park lighting can reduce energy consumption is often a deciding factor for businesses looking to install a new outdoor lighting system.

But if you still need a little convincing, there are many other excellent sustainable benefits to making the switch.

For example, LED lighting lasts up to ten times longer than traditional options, like incandescent bulbs. This means less waste over time and an added bonus of lower maintenance costs. Couple this with the savings on your energy bill and it’s easy to see why LED car park lighting is a wise investment.

Moreover,  the production of LED bulbs is far less damaging to the environment. For example, more and more sustainable LED manufacturers are taking steps to reduce their carbon footprint and waste products. In addition, LED light bulbs are often made from recyclable materials meaning that they don’t have to end up in landfills.

If all of that wasn’t enough, then we must consider the fact that LED lighting emits up to 80% less greenhouse gases without the quality of the light being affected.

LED Car Parking Is Truly A Bright Idea

With all of the above points considered, it’s blindingly obvious that LED lighting is the way to a more sustainable future. There’s no denying that humans require good lighting, especially in places like car parks. But if we continue to use high energy-consuming products like incandescent bulbs, we’re not paving the way to a bright future for our planet.

Not only this but the advantages to your business cannot be ignored. Lower energy costs, a decreased need for maintenance and a boost in your business’s reputation are all benefits that any good business owner wants to reap.

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