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Brighten Your Bottom Line: How LED Lighting Upgrades Boost Industrial Efficiency

There’s no better time to upgrade your industrial lighting to LED. There are so many benefits to this type of lighting system and improved efficiency is just one of them.

Not only will LED lighting boost the efficiency of how your industrial building runs but it’ll also make it more energy efficient. That’s something we can all get on board with.

LED Lighting Improves The Efficient Operation Of Your Industrial Building

If an industrial building doesn’t run like clockwork then everything is thrown out of whack. In order to run a successful business, things need to operate efficiently and productively.

And that’s where LED lighting plays a very important role.

LED lighting has many proven health benefits and this can make your employees more productive which results in a more efficiently run facility.

The reason for this is that LED lighting is much easier on the eyes, doesn’t flicker and doesn’t produce glare. Compared to traditional lighting options which can cause headaches and eye strain, LEDs make the workplace much more comfortable.

In addition to this, LED bulbs are often designed to mimic natural daylight which has been proven to boost human productivity. Our bodies are wired to be active during the hours of daylight and wind down when the light is low. That’s why you often start feeling tired and drained earlier in the day during winter when it gets dark earlier.

The same can be said about working in a poorly lit workplace. When working under the strain of fluorescent bulbs, humans often start to feel drained, uncomfortable and tired. That’s never going to ensure that your industrial building runs efficiently.

But if you can install lighting that is as close as possible to natural sunlight, this will ensure that productivity doesn’t drop. There are even LED lights that will adjust their colour temperature throughout the day to match what’s going on outside, making them even more natural and comfortable!

LED Lighting Is More Energy Efficient

When we talk about efficiency, it would be impossible to leave out the fact that LED lighting is up to 80% more energy efficient than the alternatives, like fluorescent and incandescent lighting.

Where businesses are looking to do their bit for the environment, the installation of LED lighting really is a no-brainer. What’s more, since these lights don’t use anywhere near as much energy, you’ll save on your electricity bills.

LED lighting does not produce heat, like an incandescent bulb. These old-fashioned bulbs (which are being phased out and banned in the UK) require heat to warm up the wire filament which then produces light.

The problem is that the residual heat is output into the surrounding environment (your building) and this can alter the temperature.

In settings such as cold storage, even a slight adjustment in temperature can be to the deficit of the building’s operation. This means that you have to spend more money on keeping the building cool, again resulting in higher overheads.

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