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Services provided by MJP Plus: Planned Maintenance

Delivering Excellence in Electrical Installation and Innovative SolutionsClient: Charlton CourtProject Overview: Our client, Charlton Court, embarked on a large and complex project that demanded impeccable electrical installation services, innovative solutions, and the ability to meet tight deadlines. The project required not only a new mains cable installation but also creative ideas for lighting and heating systems. Chris from MJP Ally’s LTD was brought in as the electrical expert to ensure the success of this challenging project.The Challenge:
  • Large and complex project.
  • Tight deadlines that had to be met without causing delays in other building processes or with other contractors.
  • The need for a new mains cable into the site.
  • Innovative solutions for lighting and heating systems.
  • Complex electrical infrastructure, including various sub-boards and units.
  • Integration of a comprehensive mood lighting system.
  • Installation of electrical components for two swimming pools (indoor and outdoor).
The Solution: Chris, with his extensive knowledge and unmatched skills, stepped in to tackle these challenges. His contributions to the project were invaluable:
  • Timely Delivery: Chris met all deadlines impeccably, ensuring that no delays occurred in other aspects of the project.
  • Innovative Ideas: He provided innovative suggestions and recommendations for the lighting and heating systems, enhancing both efficiency and aesthetics.
  • Expert Collaboration: Chris worked seamlessly with the project manager and other contractors, including the plumber, with whom he maintained a professional and friendly rapport.
  • Complex Infrastructure: He successfully managed the installation of a new mains cable and the complex electrical infrastructure, including sub-boards and units.
  • Mood Lighting System: Chris collaborated effectively with Reko engineers to create a comprehensive integral mood lighting system.
  • Swimming Pools: He ensured that the electrical components for the indoor and outdoor swimming pools were installed flawlessly.
The Results: To date, the project has been a resounding success, with everything operating smoothly. After eight years, the electrical systems have remained reliable with only a few expected driver replacements. Chris has been responsive to ongoing maintenance matters, addressing them promptly and professionally.Client Recommendation: Charlton Court highly recommends Chris from MJP for electrical services. His expertise, professionalism, and problem-solving abilities make him an ideal choice for projects of any size, from small to large. Chris’s dedication to meeting deadlines and delivering innovative solutions has greatly contributed to the success of our project.

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