How Can I Request A Quote Or Consultation For Emergency Lighting Services?

Did you know that if you own or manage a commercial property in the UK then you’re legally required to have an emergency lighting system installed? Whether you need an upgrade to your existing system or install a new one, MJP Plus makes the process quick and easy. Do I Really Need Emergency Lighting? I’ve […]

Can You Design Emergency Lighting Systems For Specific Building Layouts?

No two buildings are the same. Even where they have a similar layout, they may be used for different purposes and this can have a direct impact on the most suitable types of emergency lighting. An emergency lighting system is a legal requirement in the UK for all commercial and business buildings. If you haven’t […]

How Can I Ensure My Emergency Lighting Systems Are Always Functional?

An emergency lighting system that didn’t activate in an emergency wouldn’t be very effective. Not to mention how unsafe it would be for people trying to get out of a building in a hurry. This is why it’s really important to make sure that your emergency lighting system is always fully functional and this is […]

Can We Upgrade Our Existing Emergency Lighting Systems?

Your emergency lighting system is one of the most important methods of keeping staff and visitors of your building safe. However, if you think about it, upgrading the system would mean going without functional emergency lighting while the work takes place, right? That’s not strictly true. If you feel as though your current emergency lighting […]

What Happens During An Emergency Lighting Test?

Without an emergency lighting system, there is a very real risk to life in the event of an emergency as getting out of the building. While you may have an emergency lighting system installed, that isn’t to say that it’s always going to be reliable. Over time, the capacity of the battery may deteriorate and […]

Can MJP Plus Handle The Installation Of Emergency Lighting Systems From Start To Finish?

Having functional emergency lighting for your business or commercial premises isn’t just important for the safety of those in your building. It’s also a legal requirement so, during the installation process, you need to make sure that everything is covered. When looking for an emergency lighting system installer in the Bristol and Bath area, I’m […]

Do Emergency Lighting Systems Require Specific Compliance With Regulations?

The last thing that you want is to find out that your emergency lighting isn’t working during an emergency. This is another reason that regular testing is vital. However, during those tests, you may sometimes notice a problem and it’s important to have this fixed as soon as possible. Any remedial work must be carried […]

Is Emergency Lighting A Legal Requirement?

Managing a business comes with a lot of legal responsibilities. Many of these concern the safety of those who are using your premises and are among some of the most important legalities you need to consider as a business owner or manager. Emergency lighting is a critical part of your building’s emergency escape system and […]

How Often Should Emergency Lighting Systems Be Tested And Maintained?

What’s the use of having an emergency lighting system if it doesn’t perform when you need it most? These lights could mean the difference between everyone safely exiting the building during an emergency and disaster so having them fully functional is a must. For your business or commercial premises to remain safe and compliant with […]

What Types Of Emergency Lighting Systems Do MJP Plus Offer?

MJP Plus has gained a reputation as one of the best electrical installation companies in the Bristol and Bath area and we’re proud to offer emergency lighting solutions as part of our service. In the UK, it is a legal requirement for business and commercial premises to install emergency lighting but there are different types […]

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