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Efficiency In The Spotlight: How LED Lighting Can Improve Industrial Productivity

An industrial building that operates smoothly with excellent productivity is essential if a business is going to succeed. There are a lot of things you, as a manager, can do to boost productivity but many people forget about how lighting can do this.

The type of lighting you use in your industrial building has a direct impact on how well it operates yet there are still thousands of units around the country that are sticking to old-fashioned ways of illuminating their space.

LED lighting is an eco-friendly and modern alternative to things like fluorescent and incandescent bulbs. What’s more, LED lighting systems come with a whole host of other benefits such as saving money on energy bills and of course, increasing productivity. Let’s take a closer look.

A Brighter Environment

One of the best things about LED lighting is that it produces a consistent level of bright light. Oftentimes, having bright light can boost productivity, although there are some studies that say dimmed light works better. Of course, this really depends on the application and I’ll go into more detail on dimmable options later in this article.

Boosts Mood

LED lighting is in just the right spot on the temperature and colour scales and it provides the perfect balance to support a positive mood.

If you want your employees to be as productive as possible then it’s essential to keep them happy.

You can invest in all of the employee perks in the world, and that’s great but the mood-boosting effects gained from LED lighting are something that can be ongoing. What’s more, your employees won’t even realise that it’s the lighting that’s boosting their mood. All they know is that they simply feel happier in the workplace.

Mimics Natural Daylight And Improves Focus

A major benefit of LED lighting is that it is designed to mimic natural daylight. Our bodies are biologically wired to work alongside night and day; being active when the sun is up and sleeping when it’s dark.

When people are forced to work under the dull glow of fluorescent or incandescent lighting, this causes their circadian rhythm to be thrown out of whack. That’s why, when working in these conditions, you often feel tired or not motivated.

However, when your employees are working under LED lighting, their bodies respond accordingly and they’ll naturally be more productive and focused.

Reduced Glare And Flicker

Old-style fluorescent lighting is known to flicker and produce an uncomfortable glare that can be irritating to the eyes.

On the other hand, LED lighting is much more stable and doesn’t flicker so it’s much easier for workers to focus on the task, therefore they’ll be more productive.

What’s more, LED lighting doesn’t cause eye strain (when used at the correct colour temperature; blue light, for example, is not good for the eyes) so employees won’t feel demotivated because of things like headaches.

When staff are comfortable and healthy, this naturally increases their productivity and that’s a huge benefit to your business.

Reduced Risk Of Errors

LED lighting is one of the greatest things you can do to upgrade your industrial building and increase productivity.

But aside from the things I’ve discussed above, the evenly distributed, stable light also properly illuminates a space and reduces the risk of errors.

Not only can errors potentially lead to injuries, but they also decrease productivity because work often has to stop when things go wrong.

In order to keep things running smoothly and efficiently, a safe workspace is vital and LED lighting can help with that.

LED Options

In order to get the best productivity, your staff need to feel comfortable. The wonderful thing about LED lighting is that there are many choices, giving you a wider range of options on how you illuminate your space.

Different buildings have different requirements and LED lighting can cater to pretty much every need.

Dimmable Light

As I mentioned earlier, LED lighting is often bright which is great when good visibility is needed. However, some studies suggest that dimmed light can increase productivity in certain applications as it can put less strain on the eyes.

LED lighting can be adjusted and dimmed to suit your needs which allows for greater versatility and improved productivity in an industrial workspace.

Colour Options

Another thing about LED lighting is that there are a ton of colour options. I touched on blue light earlier in this article and that is reported to be the worst kind for your eyes so it’s definitely something to avoid.

However, there are LED bulbs that are designed to mimic daylight and others that produce a much softer colour. So again, you have plenty of choices to ensure optimal comfort for your employees, and therefore productivity.

With that said, it is reported that a colour temperature between 4600k and 5500k typically works best in an industrial setting.

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