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Effective Facility Maintenance

How Planned and Preventative, Approaches Benefit Large Companies and Businesses

If you want to guarantee the success of your business and reduce the possibility of downtime then you must take a proactive approach. It’s no good sitting back and waiting for something to go wrong because this massively reduces the productivity and efficiency of your large company. This reactive approach might work in smaller establishments where maintenance may not be as detailed or downtime may not have as drastic an effect. But for larger businesses, staying on the ball is the difference between success and failure.

Planned or preventative maintenance falls under the umbrella of proactivity and involves the scheduled maintenance of your equipment. This doesn’t need to be a complex process, in fact, you could compare it to changing the oil in your car as a matter of course rather than waiting for it to run low or the viscosity becomes so that the oil is useless. When this happens, damage to the engine could follow but this could have been prevented with a simple oil change.

With a planned maintenance program that involves things like regular inspections, minor repairs, cleaning and general upkeep, you’ll be confident that the risk of a problem will be much lower. With that in mind, let’s explore how planned, preventative and responsive maintenance can benefit your large business.

Improved Facility Safety

One of your greatest responsibilities as a manager of a large company is the safety of your staff and visitors. There are many ways you can implement this and planned maintenance is one of them. Let’s take your fire alarm system as an example.

Without proper maintenance, even the most sophisticated system will eventually fail and you might not even know about it until it’s too late. But by performing regular checks and inspections and making any minor adjustments, you have a system that guarantees the safety of anyone on your business premises. Moreover, during the course of a fire alarm system inspection, there is the opportunity to identify any other fire or safety risks and make adjustments where necessary.

If your facility makes use of machinery and other large equipment, the improper running of this could result in injuries. Even where machinery is incredibly user-friendly, a simple malfunction can serve as a hazard. What’s more, there are legal safety standards that your equipment has to meet and by having a planned maintenance schedule, you can ensure everything is above board.

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