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Effective Facility Maintenance

How Planned, Preventative, and Responsive Maintenance Improve Business Performance and Predictability

There are an incredible number of things that you need to think about every day when running a large company. Some things may be unpredictable by their very nature and may demand more of your time and attention. But where possible, you need your day-to-day tasks to have a degree of predictability; this will limit the risk of having to take spontaneous action. Although being able to handle spontaneous problems is one of the traits of an excellent manager.

The maintenance of your facility and all of the equipment within it should not be something that you have to worry about day to day. There will always be unexpected problems that occur but this is much less likely when you have a planned or preventative maintenance program in place.

Knowing that your equipment will be regularly tested gives you the peace of mind that it’s always fully functional. This leaves you free to worry about things like providing excellent customer service, optimising your budget and communicating with suppliers, services and other people. The last thing that any manager needs is unpredictable equipment that could go wrong at a moment’s notice.

Your workload can be significantly reduced with a fixed maintenance schedule and you’ll face far fewer surprises.

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