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Long Term Gains: Why LED Lighting Upgrades Are An Investment For Office Spaces

Let me ask you a question; why do you run your business? It’s a simple question that could have a lot of answers but let’s be honest, the main reason that people start and continue to manage businesses is to make money.

There’s no getting away from that fact but we’re living in a time where making money isn’t as easy as it used to be. Costs are increasing, people aren’t making as many purchases and the trials of running a business are more challenging than ever.

So, it makes sense to make wise investments that are going to save your business money and that could be something as simple as making changes to the way you light your offices.

LED lighting is an energy-efficient, cost-effective and healthy way to illuminate an office space and I’d like to explain a little about why this is an excellent investment.

The Cost Of Upgrading To LED Lighting

Let’s start with the upfront cost of switching to LED lighting. What you pay will depend on several factors such as the type of lights you would like, the size of the office, how often the lights will be used and other things. Getting a quote will give you a clearer picture of what you can expect to spend.

However, on average LED tubes can cost anywhere between £20 and £50 whereas a single LED light bulb may cost in the region of £15.

You also have to consider that you will likely need to pay for some electrical work. There are two options when it comes to upgrading to LED lighting; you can convert your current fixtures or have entirely new ones installed.

The latter will require more work and cost more whereas converting your existing fixtures is a much simpler job and will therefore cost less.

However, it’s worth considering a total upgrade as this will benefit your business in the long run.

How Will You See Your Investment Returned?

So, you’ve spent all of that money upgrading your lighting, now what?

It’s been reported that in order to get a full return on your investment, it could take anywhere between two and five years. The length of time depends on several factors such as how often the lights are used.

But during that time period, you will begin to notice immediate changes such as lower energy bills and less costs towards the maintenance of your lighting systems. There’s even a chance that your profits may increase since LED lighting is known to boost employee productivity.

Lower Energy Bills

LED lights use up to 80% less energy than traditional bulbs and this has a direct impact on your energy bills.

At a time when saving money and cutting costs has never been more important and when energy prices are at an all-time high, this is excellent news.

The proof is in the pudding; a 60-watt traditional light bulb could consume as much as £700 worth of energy during its 1200-hour lifespan. Conversely, a 6-watt LED bulb might only cost around £90 to power over a lifespan of around two decades!

Less Maintenance

LED light bulbs last much longer than their fluorescent counterparts. A single bulb or tube could last for up to 20 years. This may vary depending on how often it’s used but these lights are measured in tens of thousands of hours and typically you can expect a lifespan of between 50,000 and 60,000 hours of use.

Naturally, this means that you’ll spend less money replacing tubes and bulbs. Yes, they are more costly to buy but over the course of their lifespan, you’d spend far more constantly replacing traditional light bulbs.

More Productivity For Your Business: More Profits

I recently wrote a post about how LED lighting has a positive impact on employees and that’s because it mimics natural daylight. When we are exposed to natural light, science has proven that it makes us more focused, less stressed and less sleepy which translates into increased performance.

When your team is performing to its best, this is only going to benefit your business and when your business is doing well, it’s earning more.

Government Initiatives For Greener Businesses

In the UK, there is a huge focus on encouraging businesses to become more sustainable. There are many things you can do like starting a recycling program, buying energy-efficient appliances and buying supplies from sustainable suppliers.

But something as seemingly simple as greener lighting can also reduce your carbon footprint and make your business more eco-friendly.

The UK Government is rewarding businesses that want to take this leap by offering various grants and initiatives. At the time of writing, the government has pledged £5 billion in funding to help businesses become more sustainable so there’s no better time to jump on the bandwagon.

What you’re entitled to and whether you can make a claim will depend on several factors and I couldn’t possibly give you a clear idea in this post. However, there is a handy government website that explains everything you need to know.

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