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Lowering The Overhead: How LED Car Park Lighting Reduces Maintenance Costs

I’ve spoken to several people who are put off installing LED lighting because the systems cost more initially.

But if you’re looking to run a business that makes money over time then you’ll know that sensible investments are a must. 

And that’s how we must look at LED car park lighting; as a sensible investment.

The Initial Cost Of LED Lighting

LED car park lighting does come at a higher initial cost than the old-fashioned alternatives like incandescent lighting.

However, this isn’t something that should put you off upgrading your car park lighting because, over time, you stand to make significant savings that will certainly benefit your business.

Allow me to explain how this works.

Saving On Maintenance Costs

LED light bulbs, regardless of where they’re used, have a far greater lifespan than their traditional counterparts. In fact, it’s estimated that LED light bulbs last up to ten times longer with some having a lifespan of 50,000 – 100,000 hours.

When you convert this into years, the reality is that you may not have to change your LED car park bulbs for anywhere between ten and fifteen years, depending on how many hours they are used each day.

Changing an LED bulb in a car park light is a little different than just switching up the bulbs in your living room at home. For this reason, businesses often require a maintenance person to get the job done and that naturally incurs a cost.

The need to hire maintenance personnel when you have LED car park lighting becomes so infrequent that it’ll barely need to be factored into your regular outgoings.

What’s more, LED lighting is incredibly durable, doesn’t flicker and generally performs consistently over its entire life. Again, this means that you won’t need to call out maintenance personnel to fix problems. Simply install the bulbs and reap the benefits of a perfectly illuminated car park.

Further Financial Benefits

If saving on your maintenance costs wasn’t enough, the installation of LED car park lighting brings about many other financial benefits.

Most notably, LED lights use up to 90% less energy compared to things like CFLs or incandescent lights. This is largely because LED lights don’t have to produce heat in order to create light so they require much less electricity.

As a direct result of this, your business’s energy bill will see a marked decrease and as we all know, it’s vital to save where we can.

Plus, you have to consider that this reduced energy consumption is a much greener option. People are now actively seeking out eco-friendly businesses so, by proving your sustainability, you stand to make a greater profit.

What’s not to love

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