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Safe, Secure, and Sustainable: The Environmental Benefits of LED Lighting for Car Parks

Any business worth its salt is already looking for ways to be more eco-friendly. It’s a topic that’s at the forefront of the news these days and rightly so.

Over recent decades, humans have caused an enormous amount of damage to the planet and if this continues, it will spell disaster for us all.

But with a few simple changes, your business can be well on its way to being greener and that’s something that has a much wider benefit.

LED car park lighting is just one example of the steps you can take towards an eco-friendly company; allow me to explain how this works.

The Importance Of Being Environmentally Friendly

Humans have what is known as a carbon footprint; this essentially refers to how much CO² we release into the atmosphere from things like manufacturing, energy production, deforestation, burning fossil fuels and so much more.

As a result of this, global warming has occurred and it continues to do so.

For businesses, it’s vital that we’re showing our clientele that we’re for the environment, not against it. Not only is this better for the planet but it’s better for business as it’ll give your brand a serious reputation boost.

What Are The Environmental Benefits Of LED Car Park Lighting?

It would be easy to believe that a light source really wouldn’t have that much of an impact on the environment; positively or negatively. But that’s a common misconception.

In fact, by switching to LED lighting, you could save up to 80% energy wastage (and that means saving on your energy bills too!)

With that in mind, let’s take a look at the environmental advantages of upgrading your car park lighting to LED.

Energy Efficiency

LED lights work in a very different way to traditional lighting and one of the main causes of this is that they do not require heat to create light.

With other types of bulbs, there is an internal filament which must be heated up in order to create light. This takes an enormous amount of energy and, once that heat is generated, it’s of no use so it simply disappears into the surrounding environment.

Because of this, things like CFLs and incandescent light bulbs require up to 80% more energy to work than LEDs.

When electrical energy is created, we have to burn fossil fuels and that’s a direct path to even more destructive global warming effects. Of course, there is the option for your business to invest in solar panels, taking an even bigger leap towards sustainability.

LED lights don’t require heat and so use a drastically lower amount of energy which is great news for our planet.


A serious issue for planet earth is the amount of toxic waste we are throwing at it. With traditional lighting, there are toxic chemicals present, most notably, mercury.

This is not only incredibly bad for the environment but it’s also toxic to humans. For this reason, when you use things like fluorescent lighting, you’ll need to arrange for any dud bulbs to be specially collected and disposed of.

Naturally, this incurs additional costs for your business but it’s also a great way to damage the environment if these lights go into landfill.

On the flip side, LED lighting contains no harmful chemicals so doesn’t require a specialist to get rid of it. Not that you’ll need to replace your LED lights very often because of their…

…Longer Lifespan

LED light bulbs are designed to stand the test of time. I’m not just talking about their physical durability but how long a single bulb is able to produce light.

In fact, compared to other types of lighting, LEDs can last up to ten times longer.

One of the most obvious environmental benefits of this is that there is far less waste which most likely ends up in landfills.

Even better is that there are many options to recycle LED lights that have come to the end of their life. So, even once they’ve stopped serving you, they won’t have a disastrous contribution to the planet’s demise.

Less Light Pollution

When people think of damage to the environment, they tend to imagine direct threats. However, light pollution can be just as problematic.

It has been proven that artificial light has a devastating effect on our wildlife and can disrupt the cycles that happen during nighttime pollination.

With LED lighting, this can be combated in two ways. Firstly, LED car park lights are designed to come on automatically when the sun begins to go down. What’s more, there are many options to have the lights switch on when they sense motion so there isn’t a constant bright light shining through the night.

However, where constant light is required, it’s good news when choosing LEDs since there is a broad range of colours to choose from, making the light less disruptive at night.

LEDs: Lighting The Way To A Greener Future

It’s clear to see that LED lighting is a viable method for protecting the planet from further damage. I’ve heard so many people say ‘It’s too late to save the earth’ but this couldn’t be further from the truth.

If we’re all doing our part and making even the smallest changes can make a difference. In fact, according to reports, it would be possible to reverse the effects of climate change and, while this may take an incredibly long time, we have to start somewhere.

By upgrading your car park lighting, you’re making an important first step that benefits both your business and the planet.

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