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The Triple Advantage: How Planned, Preventative, and Responsive Maintenance Optimise Facility Operations for Businesses

Ensuring planned maintenance takes place on a regular basis is a must for large businesses and it’s been clear in the discussion thus far that there are several benefits to this. However, while I would never advise a purely reactive approach to maintenance, responsive maintenance certainly has an important role in the running of your business.

As well as implementing your planned and preventative maintenance schedule, you’ll need to come up with a plan for those unexpected incidents which will happen from time to time, even with the strictest planned maintenance in place.

Where Large Businesses Are Going Wrong: Taking Only A Reactive Approach

MJP Plus aims to bring you a full maintenance service which includes planned, preventative and responsive aspects. However, many businesses are making the mistake of only implementing a reactive approach and this comes with a whole host of problems. Before I get into the nitty gritty of why a triple action plan is necessary, let’s take a look at how only having responsive measures might damage your business.


If you leave things to chance then things can get very expensive, very quickly. Where running a company is concerned, there’s no room for downtime so any faults or errors need to be dealt with as quickly as possible and this can incur additional costs.

What’s more, if your business is using outdated or old equipment then this can be much more expensive to repair so you need to be willing to plough more of your budget into responsive maintenance. As I have previously mentioned, these costs can be very difficult to factor into your overall budget.

Unexpected Downtime

I would say that the biggest problem with using only reactive approaches to your equipment maintenance is downtime. And this happens when you least expect it. When using a preventative approach, you’ll have a very good idea of if there is a chance of problems so you’ll be able to fix them before they affect the productivity of your business.

However, if there is no planned maintenance program in place, this could result in downtime that lasts days as opposed to hours while you wait for parts to be delivered to problems to be addressed. For manufacturing businesses and the like, this can be incredibly detrimental.

Overtime Costs

Let’s forget for a moment that reactive only repairs will haemorrhage money out of your business and focus on the fact that you’ll also need to pay overtime to any employees that are a part of this maintenance.

With some companies, certain equipment is only overseen by a small number of people and when things go wrong, they need to be around. But if it’s outside of their usual working hours, you’re going to have to fork out for their service.

Decreased Life Expectancy Of Equipment

I’ve already discussed how the life span of your equipment will be improved when implementing a planned and preventative maintenance schedule. On the flipside, having only a reactive approach means that your equipment isn’t going to last as long. This will result in high replacement costs that eat into your budget, not to mention the detrimental impact to the environment.

Increased Energy Bills

If there’s one surefire way to make a business lose money it’s by increasing its overheads to an amount that eats into its profits. There are many ways in which you can reduce your company’s outgoings but being energy Effective is up there with the most effective and important.

If your machinery and equipment is not well maintained then it’ll be almost guaranteed to consume more energy. While you might think that having only a responsive maintenance plan in place would save you money, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Not only will repairs come at a great cost but even when your equipment is running, it’ll be racking up those energy bills.

You should also keep in mind that faulty equipment could cause a surge of electricity. In some cases, this could cause even more damage to the equipment in question.

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